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001 ☄ video

[Upon arriving, Sephiroth had remained calm. He is trained to operate independently in the field and to deal with crisis situations. Panic and confusion would only hamper him. It takes a great deal to make him behave erratically or emotionally. He'd decided to conduct his own investigations before addressing the community as a whole.

As he explores, it's the incessant ticking sound that bothers him most of all, the noise almost seeming to echo in his head, as if counting down to something... But what? At times, he wonders if he's really hearing it, or if he's imagining it. A troubling thought, if not the most troubling one he's entertained lately. Yet it puts him in mind of those other things, the ones he'd rather not think about.

He distracts himself by finally making good use of his communication device. He gets right to the point, his tone mannerly but not at all unassuming.]

I am Sephiroth, of SOLDIER, Commanding General of ShinRa's Armies. I come from the city of Midgar, and the name of my world is Gaia. If any of that that sounds familiar to you, please report to me.

Otherwise, if you have information that you believe would be of use to someone who has newly arrived in this City, I would be glad of the assistance.

Thank you.
I thought I'd write up one of these.

I'm happy to play with any character from any canon (including OCs, of course), so please don't be shy. Sometimes I am shy, but I try not to be! Also, if I'm doing something that's giving you trouble in any way, or if there's something you'd like me to do, don't hesitate to let me know. You can comment here or send me a note.

In case you're wondering, I don't intend to have Sephiroth go mad or become evil during her time in the Gardens. Though I do like exploring her less pleasant feelings and her unusual nature, the extreme events that happen in canon to cause that change won't be replicated here.

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Also, for those who meet or wish to fight with Sephiroth, here's a bit of general information your character might notice, as well as a list of her powers:

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And information about her Materia, because why not?

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Sephiroth's Suggestion Box

Constructive criticism, feedback, and ideas are welcome.

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Thank you for your input; optimal performance and amicable associations with my comrades are my primary objectives.